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Hello! I’m Sofiya. Founder and owner of Please Ibu.

Parenting can be tough and confusing. Motherhood, especially, can be hard. I know I had it rough when I first had my daughter. I want to help you by sharing informative and inspiring stories about motherhood, parenting, and raising confident children.

Join me as I navigate the world of parenting and explore different approaches to raising my children. So hopefully you can raise your children with confidence too.


Please Ibu is personal website I started back in 2016 with the aim to share inspiring stories and parenting tips. I help parents, especially mothers, to navigate the confusing world of parenting by sharing helpful resources, inspiring stories, useful tips.

I had such a tough time as a young mother back in 2016. I then started learning about everything that I could about our roles as parents in our children’s development. It slowly dawned on me that if I was having a tough time navigating the world of parenting, I am sure many out there are too.

My aim is to break down the perception that educating and raising children lies solely in the hands of teachers in our schools. No matter what school our children go to, in the end of the day, the look up to us for support and guidance.


I am a mother of two beautiful and happy children.

I currently work as a freelance proofreader. I’ve also just started in my PhD journey in Educational Psychology.

Previously, I worked as a researcher in several think tanks. I also have experience in digital marketing. You could say that I enjoy work that involves a lot of researching and writing– which explains why I still have this blog after all these years.

Why did I make such a huge jump to further my studies in Educational Psychology? Well, you could say that motherhood got me shook! It has really changed me into a better person. So much so that I wanted to have a career related to raising confident children. Check out my other blog posts:

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Are you ready to follow along with me? Let me help you be motivated and inspired to raise your children confidently!