Quran Journaling: An Overlooked Form of Self-Help

Quran journaling

What is Quran journaling? Quran journaling is the process of reflection when you read the Quran but you take the time to pen your thoughts down and think about its meanings. What are the benefits of Quran journaling? There are a lot of benefits of Quran journaling. Enhances critical thinking Research has shown that journaling […]

Time-Saving Tips For Working Moms That Will Save Your Life

time-saving tips for moms

What are some time-saving tips for working moms that can help you be more efficient? Hey, I’m a freelance mom and doing my PhD on top of that. So I get it. I’m always thinking of time-saving tips! RELATED POST: Cleaning Schedule for Stay-At-Home Moms The Best Mommy Morning Routine to Boost Productivity Time-Saving Tip […]

Halal Confinement Food Delivery You Don’t Want To Miss

Halal Confinement Food Delivery

Are you looking for confinement food delivery services? Here, we are listing several halal confinement food delivery services. These both include Chinese halal confinement food and Malay food as well. Looking for confinement lady services? Check out this post! 1 Halal Chinese Confinement Food by Zara Agnes If you are looking for a change of […]

The Ultimate List: Confinement Lady Services for Postnatal Care

Are you looking for a confinement lady to help you have smooth postnatal care? A confinement lady normally comes to your house for several hours to help mothers and newborn babies. Some confinement ladies do have a special package that “live-in” or stays with you for several weeks. Usually, they would provide or cook special […]

Why the Haakaa Breast Pump Is the Ultimate Milk Collector

haakaa breast pump

I wish I had known about the Haakaa breast pump when I had my first baby. The Haakaa breast pump is a manual breast pump made of silicone. It can be attached to your breast, collecting the milk during let-down while you are breastfeeding your baby. But get this – it’s not just a milk […]

Best Places to Buy Islamic Books for Children Online

Islamic books for children

Where can you buy Islamic books for children online? As a Muslim parent, teacher, and caretaker, it’s important to have a range of Islamic books for babies and children. That way, we can progressively instil Islamic values into our kids in a fun way. Advantages of reading for kids Reading to babies and children is […]

Islamic Parenting Books That Will Inspire You

Islamic Parenting Books

Are you looking for Islamic parenting books for you to get some wisdom about how to raise Muslim children? Here are the lists of Islamic parenting books that I would recommend to all Muslim parents. I have read many of these Islamic parenting books and I find them to be very inspiring. 1. Children Around […]

Islamic Children’s Books Kids Will Love

Islamic Children's books

Are Islamic children’s books difficult to find? I will be sharing with you the best Islamic children’s books here (for babies, toddlers, and young readers). Best Islamic Children’s Books (Babies) As a Muslim mother with young children, I try to buy fun, interesting yet simple Islamic books for children and babies. One of the criteria […]

How To Apply For A Domestic Helper Online: Malaysia

how to apply for a domestic helper online

How do you apply for a domestic helper online in Malaysia? Applying for a domestic helper online in Malaysia isn’t as easy as A-B-C but here you can find out in this step-by-step guide on how to apply for a domestic helper  (all online). via GIPHY Here are the steps for you to apply for […]

The Spectra 9+ Breast Pump: An Honest Review

spectra 9+ breast pump

After using my Spectra 9+ breast pump, I have nothing but glowing reviews for this breast pump! After using it for almost 2 years,  it didn’t break or malfunctioned. I only needed to change the valve once and after that, it was working like it was brand new! So let me give you an honest […]

Tips for Fasting and Breastfeeding during Ramadan

Tips for fasting and breastfeeding in ramadan

Assalamualaikum, everyone! I can’t believe Ramadan is just around the corner. Time flies by so fast. I remember fasting and breastfeeding during Ramadan last year. It was very very challenging. I was still in the midst of writing my dissertation and I was still fully breastfeeding Aisha. I missed two days of fasting, I think […]

How To Keep Your Baby Happy in a Car Seat

baby happy in car seat

 A few weeks ago, my family drove all the way to Perlis to see my dear uncle get married. We were excited and happy that he has found the one, insyaAllah. I was also excited to see my family members again because we usually go back to Kelantan maybe twice a year. Driving to […]