The Spectra 9+ Breast Pump: An Honest Review

My experience with Spectra 9+ Breast Pump

After using my Spectra 9+ breast pump, I have nothing but glowing reviews for this breast pump! After using it for almost 2 years,  it didn’t break or malfunctioned. I only needed to change the valve once and after that, it was working like it was brand new! So let me give you an honest review about my experience with the spectra 9+ breast pump!

Before I had actually bought Spectra 9+, I was thinking about other breast pumps like as Medela or Avent are one of the few pumps that most people like to buy (the international community, at least). But the Medela double swing costs around rm1600-2000, a little too expensive for me especially when we need to buy other things like carseats and strollers *dies*.

After asking my friends and doing some research online, I found that most people enjoyed using the Spectra9+  breast pump (it’s Korean made and is said to be highly effective and powerful and doesn’t make too much noise).

After talking to my friend Yan, I found that she also uses Spectra 9+. She told me to go to the shop Pump on the Go in Bangi (they have different outlets in Selangor and KL as well), next to the private Islamic school Sri Ayesha (also the block opposite of Ayam Bakar Wong Solo). She had told me that I could actually try out the breast pumps and so I did.

One of the workers in the shop was very helpful. She showed me how to use the breast pump in a private room.

When I was testing it, it seemed okay.  But based on online reviews as well as my friends recommendations, I was confident about my purchase and Alhamdulillah, after using it for almost 2 years, it still is functioning very well!

These are the reasons why I LOVE THIS SPECTRA 9+ BREAST PUMP:

  • It’s a double, electrical pump
  • It’s not heavy
  • Only has 3-4 parts that need to be washed, daily
  • It has easy, washable spare parts
  • It’s not expensive
  • Power suction is strong
  • Doesn’t make loud noise
  • Spare parts are affordable and easy to find, online and offline
  • Doesn’t require rechargeable batteries

I payed slightly less than rm750 which included many free gifts like (I bought this in 2016):

  • 20 storage bottles
  • a cooler bag
  • ice pack

I was so glad that I bought this here and not at the baby fair at KLCC because it was around the same price but the gifts were not as good. They didn’t offer any storage bottles, if I’m not mistaken. I mean 20 storage bottles?? That’s a lot!!

The only drawback about this pump is that it doesn’t come with a silicone massager like some of the other breast pumps. I wanted to buy it from the store but they didn’t sell it there.

So I bought a pair of them online form Oh Baby Online Shop  that sells many items for mothers, babies and nursing. I was glad to have found the silicone massager on the website. I called them up and asked whether all silicone massagers for Spectra will fit the one for Spectra 9+ and the said that it would fit if the cone is 28mm, which it is! (talk about great customer service as well).

Most of my friends don’t even use these because they said that the breast pump alone was just fine but I didn’t want to take any risks. Nanti bila nak pump dah melecet baru nak tercari-cari silicone massager susah nanti huhu.

Hope this helps everyone who is trying to look for an effective and affordable breast pump in Malaysia!



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    7 Responses

    1. Hi does the silicone massager makes any difference? I’m thinking should I get it or not. Some reviews says it gives a lot of frictions to the areola. Do advise.

    2. Hi did the silicone massager makes pumping easier? Was in doubt should I buy it or not. Some reviews comments that it agitated the areola area. How was your experience? Worth to invest?

      1. Hi Wei Chiew! Actually, I didn’t even use it because I didn’t need it! Maybe you can try without the silicone messager and then if you need it, then buy it. Let me know how it goes!

      1. Hi! I bought it but I never used it because it just felt like too much was going on there. Hope this helps!

    3. Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

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