The Ultimate List: Confinement Lady Services for Postnatal Care

Are you looking for a confinement lady to help you have smooth postnatal care?

A confinement lady normally comes to your house for several hours to help mothers and newborn babies. Some confinement ladies do have a special package that β€œlive-in” or stays with you for several weeks. Usually, they would provide or cook special nutritious food for new moms. Depending on the package and services that you choose, they may also help to bathe and massage the baby.

Here, I break down several confinement lady services that might be helpful for new moms (in no particular order).

1 Confinement Lady Services in Kajang, Bangi and Bukit Jelutong: Asrich Spa

Asrich Spa Penutup Pantang — Taken from Asrich Spa FB

They offer many services such as massages, salons, and confinement lady services.

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I decided to try their massage services while I was pregnant. They sent Kak Mila, who I really enjoyed her massage. She would always be on time and was easy to talk to. he one thing I liked most about her was that she massaged very well – it hit all the right spots, and the strength for me was just right.

Asrich spa also has other confinement ladies that they hire. Therefore, you can try several while you are pregnant to get a feel of their services before you take their confinement package or pakej pantang.

They have several outlets as listed below:

πŒπ€π†ππŽπ‹πˆπ€ π’π€π‹πŽπ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐏𝐀


Waze : magnolia ashrisz spa

0179429901 and 0389280099

π€π’π‘πˆπ‚π‡π™ 𝐒𝐏𝐀 ππ€ππ†πˆ π†π€π“π„π–π€π˜


Waze : asrichz Bangi gateway

0186600641 and 0389229340

π€π’π‘πˆπ‚π‡π™ 𝐒𝐏𝐀 πŠπ€π‰π€ππ†


berdekatan econsave sebelah myoneshop dan 7 eleven.

Waze : Asrichz spa

01139980346 and 0387404592

π‡π€π‘π”πŒ 𝐒𝐏𝐀 𝐀𝐍𝐃 π’π€π‹πŽπ


waze : harum asrichz spa

0189821246 and 0378310029

2 Confinement Lady based in Cheras: Pakej Pantang Zati

The second confinement lady has been experienced and recommended by my friend, Dr Adilah.

Zati is a nice Malaysian lady who is based in Cheras. She is a confinement lady that offers massage packages by driving to your house daily. She does not offer β€œstay-in” services.

According to my friend, she tried her three-day menu for her sister-in-law and said that they were delicious. Zati sends the three-day menu in one go.

The menu starts from RM38/ set (excluding delivery)

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3 Confinement Lady based in Nilai: Massage Masters

Massage Masters is also a confinement lady under Airis Postnatal Care and Services.

It’s important to note that I did not employ her services but both of my friends have and indeed, recommend her services.

She would normally arrive at the house around 7 am to help her and her baby. She is also kind, understanding, and efficient.

Phone number: 012-394 4153

4 Confinement Lady Services based in Petaling Jaya: The Ruumah Spa

The Ruumah Spa is also another spa service that offers confinement lady services.

I have yet to employ their services as I only have two kids. But my sister has employed their massage services for pregnant ladies.

What’s great about the Ruumah Spa is that they have a range of services, including daily confinement lady services and stay-ins.

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They have different prices for different packages. Therefore, you can choose whichever package fits you well.

In addition to helping new moms, the confinement lady can also help the baby by:

  • Giving him/her a bath
  • Clean the naval area
  • β€œTuam” the baby
  • Put on his/her clothes, diapers, barut and bedung

Their daily confinement packages range from RM550 (3 days) to RM 6300 (44 days).

On the other hand, their β€œstay-in” packages range between RM 1690 (7 days) and RM 8290 (44 days).

For the β€œstay-in” confinement lady services, you would need to contact them further to get detailed information about their daily services. Normally, they would start to work from 7 am – 7 pm.

The Ruumah Spa

M2009, M-Tower Empire City,

Jalan PJU 8/3am

Damansara Perdana,

Petaling Jaya, Selangor,


Phone Number: 017-820 9299


5 Confinement Lady Services: Pantang Plus

confinement lady pantang plus

Pantang plus also has many daily and β€œstay-in” confinement services or pakej pantang to take care of new moms and newborn babies.

Their price for daily confinement visits ranges from RM 2160 (7 days) to RM 11,410. For these packages, the confinement lady will work from 9 am-5 pm. It also includes:


  • Massage
  • Tungku
  • Bengkung
  • Param/pilis
  • Herbal bath
  • Lulur Tangas
  • Massage to prevent clogged breast ducts (bengkak susu)
  • Head massage to relieve wind (buang kepala angin)
  • Baby:
  • Babysitting
  • Bath
  • Massage
  • Tuam

All packages include: Pantang food, beverages and herbal tea

As for the β€œstay-in” packages, it ranges from RM 4468 to RM 14,489.

What is different about this company is that it is said that they hire employees from the B40 group. They also provide scholarships to B40 individuals.

The office is based in Shah Alam, Selangor but their services cover most states in Malaysia.

To contact them:

Office: 03-50315272

Win Quarters Sdn Bhd,
22-21, Avenue Crest,
No 2A, Jalan Jubli Perak 22/1,
Seksyen 22,
40300, Shah Alam, Selangor

6 Confinement Lady Services: Mamacare

confinement lady mamacare

My family members nor my friends have used Mama Care services. However, they do offer confinement lady services which I believe could be beneficial for mothers who need post-partum care.

Their basic confinement package ranges from RM 499 (3 days) to RM 2998 (21 days). However, these basic packages do not include confinement food.

The premium packages that include confinement food are:

Bronze RM 699 for 3 days

Silver RM 1329 for 5 days

Gold RM 1749 for 7 days

Platinum RM 3499 for 14 days

Pearl RM4899 for 21 days

Diamond RM 6199 for 30 days

Crown RM 8699 for 44 days

One of the company’s aims is to empower women especially those who are underprivileged and minors including single mothers, elderly women, and financially disadvantaged women.

As a way to spearhead this initiative, they executed the Mamacare Postnatal Care Programme in 2021 under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) and 1 Malaysia Women’s Initiative Self Empowerment Programme (1MWISE).

To contact them:

Family Wellbeing Sdn. Bhd. (FWSB)
(A company by LPPKN)

NO. 12B,
Bangunan LPPKN,
Jalan Raja Laut,
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 018-293 5004

7 Confinement Services: Bondahaven (Breastfeeding Specialist)

Bondahaven Flower Aroma Therapy — Taken from Bondahaven FB

Bondahaven Spa offers lactation and postnatal services.

They provide lactation counselling including:

  • Baby not latching
  • Breast pain
  • Nipple pain
  • Low milk supply
  • Persistent Blocked Ducts
  • Breast pump issues

Their prices for the session range from:

RM 130 – 60-90 minutes

Add 30 minutes – RM60

Follow-up – RM 70

They also have private breastfeeding classes, lactation massage to increase milk supply and relieve painful blocked ducts, and full-body lactation massage.

  • As for their postnatal care, they have a few packages such as:
  • Postnatal massage
  • Postnatal confinement care
  • Penutup Pantang
  • C-Section Recovery
  • Miscarriage Healing

Postnatal confinement care

Basic package: 3 days

RM499 for 120 minutes a day which include:

  • 2x traditional Malay massage
  • 1x lactation massage
  • 3x tungku
  • 3x herbal bath

However, the price does not include transportation costs and baby care

Premium package: 5 days

For this pakej pantang, their services include:

  • 3x traditional Malay massage
  • 3x lactation massage
  • 1x premium lulur scrub
  • 5x herbal tungku
  • 5x herbal bath
  • 5x sitz bath
  • 5x abdominal binding

RM 889 for 180 mins a day

However, the price does not include transportation costs and baby care

What you need to know before employing these services:

If you are a new mom and don’t have family members around, or your parents are elderly, it would be a great benefit for you to have a confinement lady around.

As there are many types of services such as daily and β€œstay-in” confinement lady services, you have the freedom to choose which one you can afford.

A confinement lady is beneficial for new moms because it can help ease post-partum healing.

As a new mom, usually, a lot of the attention goes to the baby. Getting proper care while you are healing during your post-partum can significantly affect your mental and physical health during this vulnerable stage.

The idea of taking a confinement lady is not to feel like you are entitled, but it’s to ease the process of assuming motherhood.

However, if you choose not to employ any confinement services, you should ask for help from your family members including your husband, family members and friends.

I hope this list of confinement lady services is helpful for all moms looking for postnatal care services!

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