The Most Effective Cleaning Schedule for Stay-At-Home Moms

Are you figuring out the best cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms?

In this blogpost, we curate a realistic but effective cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms.

Challenges of a stay-at-home mom

Being a stay-at-home mom can be challenging and confusing all at the same time. It’s challenging because, on top of being a mother, there are so many things that you need to do like taking care of kids, homeschooling, sending kids to school, cooking, errands and some of us might even be freelancers that work from home.

And because we have so many hats to wear, we need to have schedules for ourselves so that we don’t spend too much time on one task.

YES! This includes a cleaning schedule for a stay-at-home mom!

I have been a full-time freelancer since 2019 but I work from home. I guess, in a way, you can call me a stay-at-home mom who freelances.

However, previously I had such a challenge dividing my time between kids, chores, and work even while I am a freelancer and I’m my own boss.

Psychologically, I think when people who stay at home whether or not they work from home tend to feel the need to always fix and clean the house. Because when are working at home, we are surrounded by the mess and the chaos so it constantly reminds us to clean and fix the house.

Well, I’m here to share with you that you can put a stop to that – by creating a cleaning schedule for a stay-at-home mom.


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How do stay-at-home moms keep the house clean?

cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms
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This is a question that people ask me pretty frequently.

People have this misconception that stay-at-home moms tend to have the perfect house that is always tidy. Why? Because people think they are always at home and therefore, they should keep the house as neat as possible.

The problem with this is that it can also force us to create these false expectations upon ourselves to always have to keep the house perfect. We can do what we can but we should not associate our identities with the state of the house at all times because being a superwoman does not exist.

Below are the following guidelines I tell myself about tidiness in the home:

  1. Try to keep the house neat but it doesn’t have to be perfect
  2. Allow for certain messy areas
  3. Prioritize spaces that you think is compulsory to be tidy. For instance, your bedroom and living room
  4. Those occasional times when my house is a mess is okay – it is not a reflection of who I am. This is very important because many moms feel the need to always clean because they associate who they are with a tidy house.
  5. Don’t force yourself to keep your house neat on the day you can’t. On the days that you are mentally overwhelmed, take some time to take care of yourself first.

How many hours does a stay-at-home mom clean?

cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms
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This really depends on you and what you prioritize.

As for me, I like to eat at home on most days as it saves a lot of money. It is also healthier to make your own meals.

However, the downside of that is I spend a few hours in the kitchen washing the dishes or organizing the kitchen.

Mind you, I meal prep or plan the menu for the week so I only have to cook 2-3 times a week. But with kids around, I still find myself spending a few hours cleaning – and the bulk of the time is spent in the kitchen.

What is a good schedule for house cleaning?

I think 2-3 hours a day is enough for cleaning but you should spend one hour in the morning, afternoon and one before you go to bed.

Daily cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms

How do I make a daily cleaning schedule?

The daily cleaning schedule for a stay-at-home would include:

  • Making the bed: making the bed every day, whether it’s right after you wake up or once you send the kids to school – can give you a sense of calm. This is because your mind will be at ease when you see your sanctuary tidy.
  • Washing dishes: if you opt to eat out on most days, then you don’t have to wash the dishes daily. However, since my family eats at home on most weekdays (it saves time and money), I don’t have the choice to deviate from this pain.
  • Clearing the dishes: I would normally wash the dishes twice in a day. The first is the one right before bedtime. I would place the dishes in the dry rack and clear the dishes in the morning. That way, I don’t have to wipe the dishes dry. I would also wash some of the dishes after breakfast, once the kids are at school.
  • Getting the kids’ school bag ready: Unfortunately, this is also something you cannot skip but you can cheat 🙂 Every day, the kids will need a new set of clothes or lunches to be packed (this may only be applied for daycares).

As for the clothes, you can pre-pack them in separate zip-lock bags. Label them for the different days. Then, all you would need to do is put these pre-packed clothes in their bags once they get back from daycare.

  • Laundry: Depending on your urgency and the nature of your work, you can choose to do this every day or every two days. This does not have to include folding. I would normally fold clothes every 2 days while I watch tv or when I am tired of working or studying.
  • Throwing out the trash: If you have wet trash or eat at home often, then you would definitely need to take out the trash every day. For me, I like to pack the trash at night (tied) and throw it out in the morning. It makes my mornings a little less hectic and I can focus on getting the kids ready for school.

This daily cleaning list may seem a lot just by looking at it. You don’t have to follow exactly what is stated above. Do whatever you think you can.

For instance, you might be able to do laundry every 2 days if you have a small family. But since I have four people in my family, I feel less overwhelmed if I do small loads of laundry every day. I would prefer to do one small load of laundry a day, instead of two loads.

cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms
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Weekly cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms

A typical weekly cleaning schedule for a stay-at-home mom would include:

  • Washing the bathroom: if you have a wet bathroom, try washing it once a week.
  • Vacuuming: you can do this once a week depending on where you live. Some locations are not dusty so you won’t have to vacuum weekly.
  • Mopping: mop the area of the house that is most needed – like the dining room where kids would tend to spill food or make a mess.
  • Folding the clothes (every 2-3 days): this is my mom-hack! If I don’t fold the clothes on that day, I put them in a basket and put them aside.
  • Changing the bedsheets: this is especially important for general hygiene and those with sensitive skin
  • Meal prepping: saves time, money, and mental fatigue
  • Grocery runs: planning your groceries can help you save time and money

Monthly cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms

A monthly cleaning schedule for a stay-at-home mom could be:

  • Servicing the air condition: you can get your husband to do it or call someone to help you out.
  • Organizing the kids’ dressers: you don’t have to do this every month. But if you have kids who outgrow their clothes fast, you might want to check on what they have and what they can still fit to prevent wastage.
  • Steam cleaning sofas and beds: applicable only to those who are allergic to dust-mites

I hope this cleaning schedule for stay-at-home moms will be helpful! Remember, the effort counts more than what you actually achieve at the end of the day.

Let me know how this helps in the comment section below. Tell me, how do you manage cleaning?

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