Islamic Children’s Books Kids Will Love

Are Islamic children’s books difficult to find?

I will be sharing with you the best Islamic children’s books here (for babies, toddlers, and young readers).

Best Islamic Children’s Books (Babies)

As a Muslim mother with young children, I try to buy fun, interesting yet simple Islamic books for children and babies.

One of the criteria I look at is if they have board books or hardcover books.

As a mom with active babies and toddlers, having board books come in handy because babies and toddlers like to turn the pages quite excitedly. Sometimes, they might even want to try to put the edges of the paper or page in their mouths. Having sturdy books just make the book last much longer and prevents any paper from being torn.

#1 My First Book about the Quran by Sara Khan

islamic children's books

This was probably the first Islamic book for babies that I had purchased. And it is still in very good condition after 5 years. I bought it when my daughter was first born and now, I read it to my son.

Apart from the physical attributes of the book, the reason we both enjoy reading this book is that the language is easy to understand, especially for babies and toddlers.

The author also manages to convey the important messages encapsulated in the Quran for young children and babies.

Some Islamic books can be quite difficult to understand for children and toddlers to understand because the concept of Allah, the message in the Quran may not be able to be conveyed in a manner that is comprehensible to children. But Alhamdulillah, with the simple narration, that this author employs has achieved that.

The illustrations are also very bright, fun – captivating the interest of Muslim children and babies.

#2 Quran Stories for Toddlers by Saniyasnain Khan

This is also my second favourite Islamic children’s books.

The previous book highlights the general messages of the Quran such as what Allah has created, how we need to follow the principles of Islam, and how we need to care for our family, neighbours, the orphans and the needy.

However, Quran Stories for Toddlers focuses specifically on Prophet Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Yusuf, Musa, Sulaiman, Yunus, and Isa. The author manages to summarise the challenges these Prophets had faced, making it easier for children to understand.

#3 Garden Child Series and Jungle Explore Series by Khalina Khalili

This author, Khalina Khalili, has written Islamic children’s books in two series.

Each series has different levels, up to 5 levels each.

Naturally, the first level is the easiest one which is suitable for babies.

Although this book is paperback, I still very much enjoy reading this series to my kids. The author connects everyday living things, such as fruits, insects, and animals to Allah’s attributes.

Each book emphasises different verses of the Quran, but it is repeated throughout the book. Repetition is a good way to enable small children to remember easily. Hopefully, by reading these verses, the message is imprinted in the children’s souls.

Islamic Children’s Books (Toddlers)

#4 Akhlaaq Building for Kids: Saaliha & Ali

These Islamic children’s books published by Ali Gator Productions focus on building akhlaaq in Muslim children.

What I like about these books are how they emphasise important matters of the akhlaaq such as honesty, cooperation etc. The following titles I have are:

  • Being honest
  • Sharing what you love
  • Working together
  • Helping others

These Islamic children’s books are written in a way that is easy for children to relate to.

I also like how the author incorporates some conflict or tension in the book but illustrates how the children can handle the problem well. It shows that children tend to make mistakes, but it also shows a compassionate way of correcting oneself.

#5 Stories of the Prophets by Learning Roots

islamic children's books

Learning Roots has published many collections for babies, toddlers, and young Muslim children.  The amazing thing about them is that they also have fun games and learning tools to help your children understand Islam and learn the Quran.

I have the Arabic letter mat which my daughter loves to read in the car.

I also have several Islamic children’s books on stories of the Prophets.

As my daughter is not at the age that she can read too much, I read the board book on Prophet Muhammad SAW.

The narration of the story is interesting enough to captivate the attention of young Muslim children. While reading to my daughter, I would need to simplify it a bit as she is only 5 years old.

What makes these books great is also the fact that it has worksheets in them. Therefore, it allows the parent or teacher to discuss with the child what they have read and understood.

#6 The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family by Ibtihaj Muhammad with S.K Ali

This book is a pleasant and inspiring read for young Muslim children.

The story focuses on two sisters in a Western country. The older sister wears a hijab very confidently, even though she may get some criticisms from some people around her. The younger sister looks up to her bigger sister in awe, amazed by her courage to be different.

In my opinion, this is a very refreshing story.

Many Islamic books for children focus on stories of the Prophets, which are indeed fundamental in the development of our children’s worldview and character.

This story is a little different because it emphasises two young girls of colour in a Western world, where being different and Muslim can be quite overwhelming. I think many young girls who are finding their identities, especially in a Western country, can relate to this story.

#7 Planet Omar by Zanib Mian (7 yo and above)

islamic children's books

This book may be more suitable for children who have more advanced reading skills (7 and above).

My daughter has yet to read this book.

My niece, however, loves this book because she says it’s funny.

The story centers on a young Pakistani boy who lives in London but also has a great imagination.

The author can lightly incorporate issues that many Muslim children may face in any Western society. But with Omar’s optimism, humour, and big heart, they manage to find ways to overcome their hurdles.

If your kids are into books like Diaries of a Wimpy Kid, they just might be interested to read Planet Omar.

#8 Rumaysa: A Fairy Tale (7yo and above)

This story is a combination of three fairy tales that is lived or experienced by a Muslim girl in hijab, living in an imaginary area in South Asia.

Many readers enjoyed reading this book as the author breaks down the traditional idea of what a princess should be.

It’s definitely an empowering story for young girls!

These are the Islamic books for babies and children that I currently have. If you know any more interesting books suitable for Muslim children, drop a comment below!

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