The Best Mommy Morning Routine to Boost Productivity

Are you looking for a mommy morning routine to help you start off a productive day?

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, mornings can be pretty hectic.

I have two small kids. The eldest just turned five while the other is still two.

It took me some time to figure out an effective mommy morning routine. And before I found one, I would always feel a little overwhelmed in the early mornings. This is why I decided to start a goodmommy morning routine.

There are a lot of benefits to having amommy morning routine.

If you have small kids, having a goodmommy morning routine can make you feel calm and productive. Research has also shown that waking up earlier has been linked to productivity and success.

Sometimes, all we need is to have some quiet moments before we start the day.  This is really an important period for us to take care of ourselves first before the day gets hectic.

What is yourmommy morning daily routine?

Mommy Morning Routine 1: Wake Up Before Dawn

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The first time to wake up before dawn might sound a little overly ambitious. Previously, I could not get myself to wake up before dawn. I always felt tired. But once I started, I realized that I needed that one hour of peace before the kids woke up. This allowed me to do whatever I needed.

However, it will be very difficult for you to wake up before dawn if you don’t sleep early.

Ideally, I would sleep around 930pm together with the kids. Of course, if the kids wake up too often at night, I might not choose to wake up early.

Once I started a morning routine, I have managed to get things done more during the day. I also feel more peaceful and less resentful towards my partner.

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Mommy Morning Routine 2: Water Before Coffee or Food

The second-morning mom routine that I would recommend to all mothers is to drink water before anything else. This includes coffee.

I have been drinking water right after I wake up just because I feel really thirsty. But apart from quenching my thirst, I also believe that drinking water first can help to prevent you from overeating.

Mommy Morning Routine 3: Drink You Coffee or Tea in Your Favourite Cup

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After drinking water, don’t forget to savour your coffee or tea in your favourite cup.

If drinking in any cup doesn’t matter for you then please, by all means!

The reason I like to drink coffee in my pretty floral cup is that I feel special. And I feel l have just ordered coffee from Starbucks.

These are the small things that make a difference in my morning mom routine.

Mommy Morning Routine 4: Start the Laundry

Starting the laundry early in the morning, before the kids wake up would benefit you in many ways. You can put the clothes in the washing machine the night before and start the washing machine after you woke up.

By the time you are done getting the kids ready for school, the washing machine would have been done. All you would need to do is put the clothes in the dryer or hang them on the balcony.

Mommy Morning Routine 5: Plan What You Need to Do

Before the kids are awake, it would also be great if you planned what you need to get done that day. This includes work, groceries, school stuff – whatever it is you aim for that day.

I find that having a list of what I need to do in the morning can help me focus better and stay on track.

Mommy Morning Routine 6: Allocate 30 Mins for Yourself to Read or Journal

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Once I started being a mom, I realized there wasn’t much time for me to read like I used to.

Because of this, I felt unhappy and a little resentful that I could not do the simple ordinary things I had before.

So I decided I had to wake up earlier just to spend some time reading or writing in a journal.

You could do the same.

Although you may not be able to finish that book in a short period of time, reading a little bit even though it’s just 15 minutes would help you feel like your normal slef. As mothers, it’s important to continue doing these simple pleasures in life because it is part of who you are.

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Mommy Morning Routine 7: Get Breakfast Ready

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If you have kids, then you know getting breakfast ready can be a challenge. When it comes to breakfast, my morning mom routine would consist of easy but healthy options:

  • Scrambled eggs with cheese
  • Whole-boiled eggs
  • Cereal (the healthier options)
  • Overnight oats
  • Cheese sandwich
  • Fruits

These options may not sound great for traditional Asian families (traditional Malaysian families like to eat rice in the morning) but these options are suitable and packed with nutrients for your kids. As a busy mom, you will need to think of easy healthy options for the kids and the family.

When I started serving healthy options to my kids, they got used to eating healthy. And now, when they are hungry, they will look for fruits as a snack!

Mommy Morning Routine 8: Have Breakfast with the Kids

Yes, while your kids are having breakfast, don’t forget to get a bite for yourself too. If you are not a breakfast person, coffee with milk would be a filling option as well.

You can also use this time to bond with the kids and set some positive affirmations before sending them off to school.

Mommy Morning Routine 9: Get the Kids Ready

Depending on how unmessy your kids are, you can either get them ready for school before or after breakfast.

As for my 5-year-old daughter, I would normally get her to shower and then have her breakfast first since she can eat well without making a mess.

However, as for my 2-year-old, I would bathe him after he eats because he hasn’t learned how to eat without spilling.

That way, there is less clean up for me!

Morning Mom Routine 10: Shower

Sounds like this is a no-brainer right? But if you are a stay-at-home mom, try to shower before you head out so that you feel like you are taken care of.

However, there really is no problem if you decide to take a shower once the kids are at school so you can shower without any interruptions.

Mommy Morning Routine 11: Wear Makeup

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For moms who are working at the office, they might wear their makeup at home before they head out.

But as for moms who work from home or homemakers, I would encourage you to wear makeup at home just so that you feel special. Yes, this is a form of self-care too! Don’t wait for a special date or a special occasion to get dressed.

Once I started wearing makeup at home, I felt more special and ready to work hard as though I am working at the office. You might feel the same way too.

Mommy Morning Routine 12: Exercise

I understand that not many moms might have the privilege to incorporate exercise into their morning mom routine due to work commitments.

If you’re a working mom, you could try to use the stairs instead of the elavator. Hey, we should do what we can, right?

When I was working at the office as a digital marketer, I would walk up the stairs in the morning just to get some sort of exercise.

If you are a SAHM or working from home, try doing short but efficient exercises. You don’t have to aim to lose weight, but the aim should be to have improved mental health. Once I started exercising regularly, I was able to regulate my emotions better and slept better at night.

I exercise using the Body Coach videos on YouTube because it’s free:


What is a good early morning routine?

A good early morning routine is something that would give some quiet time for yourself, whether it’s just to drink coffee, water, meditate or read a book before the kids wake up.

How can mothers start their day?

There are many ways mothers can start their day. If you are really tired from the night before due to the lack of sleep, I recommend waking up at least 30 minutes before the kids wake up. This will give you the time to at least, drink water in peace.

How can a stay-at-home mom make a morning routine?

You can make a morning routine by following the 12-morning mom routine I have listed above.

I hope this helps busy mothers out there to have some sense of knowing how to make their own morning routine. Having a morning routine for busy moms is a form of self-care. Remember, it’s very important to take care of yourself first before taking care of others.

Do you have a different morning routine? Let me know in the comment section!

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