Natural Skin Care Products in Malaysia That Actually Work

Have you been trying to look for natural skin care products in Malaysia?

With the growing concern about using products with a lot of chemicals, more people are beginning to change their consumption for more natural alternatives. This includes natural skin care products.

The use of natural skin care products might vary across industries – as different companies have different definitions of it.

However, many companies today are trying to incorporate plant-based ingredients as many of these ingredients have been shown to have a lot of health benefits.

natural skin care products malaysia

Examples of plant-based ingredients in natural skin care products in Malaysia

Below are examples of plant-based ingredients that are used in natural skin care products

Olive oil extract: olive oil is often used as it is rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This “liquid gold” is often consumed as it has been linked that it can improve certain health conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Research also shows that it can treat wrinkles.

Moringa extract: the herbal plant has traditionally been consumed by many societies as it has many health benefits. A recent study showed that skin care with moringa extract had signs of increased hydration levels and reduced skin inflammation.

Black seed extract: this is extracted from Nigella sativa, a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used by many cultures. The extract contains bioactive ingredients such as vitamins, fatty acids, and essential oils. Its unique qualities such as its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anticancer properties as well as its potential to reduce skin pigmentation and heal wounds have been popularly sought after.

Natural Skin Care Product in Malaysia #1: Farito Body Oil

natural skin care products in malaysia

For the past several weeks, I have had the privilege to use the Farito body oil and I must say, I really love how it has made my skin very smooth and radiant.

Before I go deep into the benefits and also my review of this product, let me share with you the story behind the Farito body oil.

In 2016, one of the team members of 3R&Co. decided to create the Farito body oil to help her father overcome edema. She could not bare seeing her father in pain as any sense of touch would hurt him.

As she tried every type of oil to soothe his pain, her attempt was futile. In the end, she decided to create the Farito body oil which consists of 100% natural ingredients that come from plants.

Benefits of the Farito Body Oil

According to the company, it is the ideal body oil that is not hot and mentholated for daily use to ease muscle inflammation and deep tissue fatigue. It is also infused with aromatherapy to rejuvenate your mind and senses, leaving your skin moist and you feeling recharged.

What are the Ingredients of the Farito Body Oil?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: increases skin hydration, suppleness and elasticity

Moringa Extract: Packed with nutrients to relax the muscle and the nervous system

Black Seed Extract: anti-inflammatory to accelerate healing and aid in skin infection

Grapeseed Oil: prevents UV damage and improve your skin tone

Sweet Almond Oil: improve scar appearance and repair your skin

Vitamin E: anti oxidant for your skin to look younger

Kaffir Lime Extract Oil: the oil molecules breaks as it is applied on skin, helping your pores to shrink

My Review of the Farito Body Oil: Natural Skin Care Product in Malaysia

natural skin care products in malaysia

When I first saw the oil, I was quite surprised with it’s darkish colour.

However, to my surprise, after having using it for several weeks I noticed that my skin was really soft and supple. I thought I was imagining it but it really did leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

If you’re looking for natural skin care products in Malaysia, I would recommend using their Farito body oil as it really is a good moisturizer for the body.

As someone who has sensitive skin and used to have eczema, I really enjoyed using the body oil and was happy to know that the ingredients used are all natural.

Also, it gives you the spa experience because you feel like you’ve been taken care of. Check out that nice sheen on my skin!


FAQ about the Farito Body Oil

How do you use body oil?

After you have showered and exfoliated your skin, this would be the best time to lather some body oil to hydrate your skin. When you use body oil, you will notice that your skin will be glowing.

Is body oil better than lotion?

Both body oil and body lotion are meant to moisturize the skin.

However, body oil is meant to hydrate the skin faster especially in very dry seasons such as winter.

Body lotion is water-based, and therefore, locks the moisture in your body. At the same time, different lotions have different aims such as itch-relief to sooth itchiness and eczema.

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Natural Skin Care Product in Malaysia #2: Champion Body Scrub

natural skin care products in malaysia

What is the champion body scrub?

The champion scrub is a soap alternative that not just moisturizes the skin, but it helps to limit body odour too.

Using a natural body scrub a few times a week is helpful because it gently exfoliates your skin by removing dead skin cells without leaving drying the skin. Since this champion scrub has a lot of rich natural extracts, it helps to nourish the skin.

What are the ingredients of the champion body scrub?

Moringa Leaves: deeply cleanses your skin without stripping away your skin natural moisture

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  increase skin hydration, suppleness and elasticity

Vitamin E: anti oxidants for your skin to look younger

Black Seed Extract: aids in skin infection

Kaffir Lime Extract Oil: rejuvenates your senses during shower time

My Review of the Champion Body Scrub: Natural Skin Care Product in Malaysia

natural skin care product malaysia

Here are several reasons why I love using the champion body scrub:

Natural soap alternative: since I have sensitive skin, I need to make sure that I use soap-alternatives that do not have harsh chemicals or perfume.  The champion scrub is a natural soap alternative that can be used as a body wash and face wash.

Leaves my skin moisturized and supple: tried and true! With all the natural plant-based ingredients in the champion scrub, it makes my skin feeling very moisturized.

Limits body odour: it is said that using the champion scrub can limit body odour.

I do think that this is the best natural body scrub in Malaysia. Just by looking at the texture, you can feel a slightly grimy texture – which reminds me of certain cleansing bars that dermatologists used to recommend to me when I had acne problems.

If you look closely at the texture of the champion bar, you can see there are small black seeds. Those are indeed black seed extract which has been claimed to aid in skin infections as it has some antibacterial properties.


FAQ about the Champion Body Scrub

When should I use body scrub?

According to experts, you should only use body scrubs twice a week.

How should I use body scrub?

The steps to using body scrub is simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Cleanse: Before exfoliating your body with the champion body scrub, you’d want to cleanse your skin in the shower to get rid of all the dirt. You can also use a mild body wash to before you exfoliate.
  • Exfoliate: This is the time to use your champion body scrub. While your skin is still wet, gently move the scrub in circular motions.
  • Wash: Using lukewarm water, wash off the remnants of the scrub. You’ll find that your skin will be highly moisturized after you’ve showered.

So if you have sensitive skin and you are looking for natural skin care products in Malaysia, do try out the Farito body oil and and champion body scrub. They are made from 100% natural plant-based extracts which have a lot of health benefits. Do let me know if you’ve tried them!


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