The Ultimate List of Organic Pregnancy Pillows

Are you looking for organic pregnancy pillows to help you sleep more comfortably at night?

We’ve compiled a list of organic pregnancy pillows as well as non-toxic ones that you can use during and after your pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I had such a hard time sleeping at night. I remember that my sleep was often interrupted and that my body would ache — and that would prevent me from sleeping. I was so deprived of sleep that I did could not wait to give birth.

This is the reason I feel pregnant and nursing mothers need help in choosing the right maternity pillow for them. You might feel like it’s a waste of money to buy something when you are pregnant and nursing, but you should invest in something that will help you sleep and nurse comfortably.

Pregnancy and nursing are the two phases that are really challenging for any woman. So yes, if you need more support to help you through this challenging process, you should get it.

So before we delve into the list of pregnancy pillows, I am highlighting here the benefits of using safe materials and the advantages of using pregnancy pillows.

Benefits of using organic pregnancy pillows

There are a few benefits of using a pregnancy pillow.

As your body grows especially in the third semester, you might feel uncomfortable due to the growing belly and backpain.

As a solution, you could use cushion and pillows to be placed under the belly and at your back while you sleep.

For those who have leg cramps, it is recommended that you sleep with your legs placed on pillows in a straight position.

Why you should use organic materials

This really depends on your preference as well as your budget.

Organic materials are believed to be safer for people especially with sensitive skin as they are free from pesticides that could be harmful.

Organic pregnancy pillows that uses organic materials may also be sourced from sustainable sources and economies.

How to use organic pregnancy pillows

Most women tend to use a pregnancy pillow when they are pregnant to help them more support for their back and stomach. However, you can also use it after you have given birth, as some women might find it challenging to sleep as their bodies recover.

You can also use a pregnancy pillow while breastfeeding.

The best organic pregnancy pillows you can buy online

#1 Doomoo Buddy

organic pregnancy pillows
Pic taken from Bebehouse

The Doomoo Buddy nursing pillow’s cover is made of organic cotton. It’s filling is made of micro balls of expanded polysterine.

Great features:

The great thing about this is that the cover is removable and therefore, it’s easier for you to wash it.

It is very soft and comfortable, allowing you to use it as a pregnancy and nursing pillow as well as a support pillow for the baby when he is big enough.

Shop at BebeHouse


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# 2 Non-Toxic Maternity Support and Nursing Moon Pillow

Organic pregnancy pillows
Pic taken from Mamaway

Apart from the fact that this non-toxic pregnancy pillow is affordable, it also has some great qualities.

The pregnancy moon pillow is great because:

  • This moon pillow is a medical grade pregnancy pillow made of hypoallergenic materials.
  • The materials that are used for this pregnancy pillow are made from the same material as the medical grade wound dressing.
  • It is breathable and absorbs sweat easily and making it odour-free
  • It allows to regulate temperature as it uses purified water as the expanding agent
  • It is soft and has anti-bacterial properties
  • The shape is well defined and makes it hard to collapse and does not loses its shape
  • The cover is made from premium cotton

Other plus points about this pregnancy pillow is that the materials do not contain toxic chemicals and are free from:

  • Anti-yellowing agents
  • Plasticizers
  • TVOC
  • Boric Acid
  • This pregnancy pillow can be used during pregnancy as a:
  • Side sleeping support
  • Sleep pillow
  • Neck and spine support
  • Foot rest
  • Lower back support
  • However, once you give birth, the pillow can also be used for the following reasons:
  • Post-partum cushion
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Babysitting support

So yes, there are many ways to use this pregnancy pillow even after you have given birth.

Shop at Mamaway

# 3 PharmeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow – U Shaped

organic pregnancy pillows
Pic taken from PharmeDoc Amazon

This organic pregnancy pillow (U Shaped) by PharmeDoc came as the best one on Amazon.

Great things you should know about this pregnancy pillow:

  • The cover is made of 100% organic cotton
  • The cover which is made of organic materials is pesticide-free and therefore, minimizes the risk of being exposed to rashes
  • The product is verified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • The cover is removable and can be washed
  • Many people who are pregnant and not-pregnant, including men have bought this pillow and said it was really helpful especially for side-sleepers to sleep more comfortably.

One reviewer on Amazon said:

“This is how I have slept my whole life, on my side while cuddling plush toys or another pillow or yes my husband. None are as comfortable as this pillow, which I can cuddle with my whole body including my stubby legs, all the while very comfortably supporting my head. Unbeknownst to me I have been searching for such a pillow all my life. This pillow is my OTP, my one true pillow.”


Shop at Amazon

# 4 The CeeCee Pillow by PharmeDoc (C Shaped) – Organic Cotton Pregnancy Pillow

natural nursing pillows
CeeCee pillows by PharmeDoc taken from Amazon

According to reviews, this organic pregnancy pillow by PharmeDoc (C-shaped) is great as it curves from the back to the front, giving more support at the belly and the spine.

Great things you should know about this pregnancy pillow:

  • The cover is made of 100% organic cotton
  • The cover which is made of organic materials is pesticide-free and therefore, minimizes the risk of being exposed to rashes
  • The product is verified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • The cover is removable and can be washed
  • According to reviewers, people who were pregnant and not pregnant also loved the product because it really makes it comfortable for them to sleep.

One reviewer on Amazon said:

“I should first say that I am not pregnant but the hilarious pregnant reviewers who swore by this thing for all of mankind persuaded me that I needed it and they were RIGHT. This thing is amazing. I feel like I’m sleeping in a rosebud.

It’s like a big hug but not in a claustrophobic-awful way, but like you’re just supported all over. You can manipulate it to get more or less support in various places or change the places on your body you want to support and still put a pillow underneath the head part to keep high elevation if you need it…”


Shop at Amazon

#5 BBHugme Pregnancy Body Pillow – Non-Toxic

organic maternity pillows
BBHug Me Pillow. Pic taken from Amazon

This organic pregnancy pillow is designed by a group of Scandinavian professionals who work in the health care industry.

Many midwives recommend this pillow as it has many benefits such as:

Ergonomic & adjustable: although it may look like an ordinary bolster, it can actually be shaped (C or U) to support your growing body

Giving you more quality sleep: this also helps to lessen pelvic pain which many pregnant women experience as you grow into the second and third trimester

Made from natural and quality materials: The cover of the pillow is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex jersey fabric while the inner is made of TOXPROOF certified and food grade expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads. They are soft but hardy material that allows to mould into the shape that is the most comfortable to you.

Shop at Amazon

# 6 Non-Toxic Belly Bean Maternity Pillow

organic pregnancy pillows
Belly Bean Maternity Pillow. Pic taken from their website

This organic belly bean maternity pillow is great and has its own unique qualities.

Some people may not want to buy maternity pillows because they are big and may take up space.

But the Belly Bean maternity pillow is a small and simple-looking pillow. But behold! According to reviewers, they were also skeptical at first but the fact that it is not too large like the other pillows makes it even more special.

This pillow is Australian made and is made from interlocked organic cotton.

Shop at Belly Bean

# 7 The Woolland Organic U-Shaped Pillow

natural pregnancy pillows
The Woolland pregnancy pillow. Pic taken from their website

This organic pregnancy pillow by the Woolland is made of 100% organic wool.

This U-shaped pillow is also handmade and can be used as a nursing pillow as well as to provide support while you sleep.

This pillow by Woolland is different than other as the pillows:

  • The inner of 100% Bulgarian raw wool and is naturally sustainable. The wool is not used with chemicals which is helpful for those with sensitive skin
  • The case is made of 100% cotton sateen, giving users a very comfortable but luxurious feel
  • The benefits of wool is that it is naturally hypo-allergenic and helps to regulate the body temperature. This is a plus point especially for pregnant women as they tend to feel warm especially during sleep
  • It comes in white, cream and red
  • It also comes in a C-shape

A reviewer named Matt gave a great review by saying:

“Great organic pregnancy pillow. Not too bulky and perfectly comfortable and filled. Organic products seem safe and unlike man-made materials, this pillow keeps cool at night.”

Buy at Etsy

#8 Organic Pregnancy Pillow by OzzyRugs

organic maternity pillows
Pregnancy Pillow by Ozzy Rugs. Pic taken from Etsy

One of the interesting things I found about this pregnancy pillow is that it’s handmade!

Great things about this hypoallergenic pillow:

This organic pregnancy pillow by OzzyRugs is also made of 100% cotton. The pillow covers are made of 100% cotton poplin which does not cause allergies for those who have sensitive skin.

The filler for the pillow is made out of bead fibre and does not cause an odor smell.

It also has a zip which allows the cover of the pillow to be removed so you can wash it.

They come in a variety of fun colors such as pink, red, blue and cream.

One reviewer on Etsy had great things to say about this product:

“I have been using my pregnancy pillow for about a month now. It is comfortable, breathable, of good quality, and has remained fluffy this whole time. I do wish that the outer cloth of the pillow was a bit softer, but then that might affect the durability and ability of the pillow to remain fluffed. Personally I choose fluff over softness, so I am happy. Overall, I highly recommend.”

Buy at Etsy


Should I use pregnancy pillows?

This really depends on the development of your body during pregnancy. If you’re experiencing a lot of backaches and have a hard time sleeping, a pregnancy pillow can help you to sleep a little more comfortably.

Which material is best for pregnancy pillows?

If your skin is sensitive, it is always best to go for natural and breathable material such as cotton. Living in humid weather would also make you sweat much more and therefore, choosing natural materials will be cooling. Organic materials are free from pesticides which can prevent your skin from having any allergic reactions.

What week do you need a pregnancy pillow?

It really depends on you when you want to start using the pregnancy pillow. Some expecting mothers like to use the pillow when they are in their second or third trimester. However, if you are already having trouble sleeping in the first trimester, you could definitely try using it!

Which pregnancy pillow is better U or C?

Some people may like the C shaped pillow better as it may not take up too much space. However, many people do like the U shaped ones as it is longer and could give more support to those who need it.

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