6 Places You Can Buy Breast Pump Spare Parts in Malaysia

If your breast pump all of the sudden has low suction, makes much more noise than usual, you need to check the valve. It could most probably be due to the fact that it’s worn out or torn. But don’t fret! You can actually easily change or buy the valve (or other spare parts) from these stores  in Malaysia I have listed below.

But before I do, lemme tell you what had happened to my breast pump a while back.

A few days ago, I’ve been having such a challenging time- my breast pump wasn’t working efficiently. And when I say this, I mean that the suction was low. I was really stressed out because here I was, in UM, half an hour from home having being separated from my baby for 6 hours. I nearly broke down in the car!

After submitting my thesis to my supervisor, I rushed back home to pump (baby was having a nap). It was a little of a disaster- I had to skip the message and go straight to pumping using level 10. It didn’t hurt which indicated that there was something wrong.

I called the Spectra hotline (also known as Histopoint) and they said to check my valve whether there was any tear at all. I got annoyed at first- muttering under my breath, saying what the- until I checked the valve myself and it really did have a very small tear that you probably won’t notice.  The girl on the phone was very nice, she said I could either come to SS18 in Subang Jaya to get my Spectra 9 pump checked or mail it to them. They could get back to me in a week.


Image from: Rumble Tuff

I went to this baby shop called Nurizshar Baby Shop in Bangi to buy a replacement for the membrane, thinking that was the problem. The girl who assisted me was very nice and accommodating, she even allowed me to use the membrane in the shop but my pump was still not functioning. Unfortunately, they didn’t sell the valve for Spectra 9.

So I went online to the same store where I had bought some extra parts. Oh Baby Store sells many things maternity including spare parts for your breast pump. I purchased the valve and chose expedited shipping (2 days) and Alhamdulillah, my pump was working well after that!

After doing more research about low suction, I found out that it is recommended to change your valve AND membrane every 3-6 months. Mine is already 8 months old hehehe.

For all of the new mothers or mothers who may experience these problems, here are some sites and stores where you can purchase your breast pump spare parts:

  1. Oh Baby Store

oh baby store malaysia

Picture from: Tally Press

2.   NurIzShar Baby Shop in Bangi Sentral (they can also help you take a look at what’s wrong)

nurizshar website spare part breast pump

3. Little Whiz

Little Whiz breast pump spare parts

4.  BB Hypermart 

BB Hypermart breast pump spare parts

5. Lazada

lazada breast pump spare parts

6. Pump On The Go

pump on the go breast pump spare parts

From my own experience, I went to the first two options. If you notice anything different about your pump (sound, and the frequency of the membrane moving for instance) you should always call the Hotline or get it checked anywhere else.

Don’t wait too long until the breast pump totally malfunctions. Pay attention to the way it sounds, it’s suction because before you know it, there may be something wrong with the spare parts and you may be able to prevent a very stressful situation!

Hope this helps!

Let me know if you have experienced a very stressful breastmilk – breast pump related story!


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