Remdii Intensive Moisturizing Cream: The Ultimate Cream for Sensitive Skin

Have you ever tried Remdii intensive moisturizing cream? Let me give you a review of their cream.

I often share about my daughter’s eczema journey on my Instagram. The reason I share about our journey on Instagram is that parents who have kids with eczema are often ignored. We know what medicine might be needed when we go to the doctor, but we aren’t too sure how to manage it at home.

Managing kids with eczema can be emotionally draining and time-consuming. I often experience fatigue even during the day. That is why I am always looking for creams, lotions that can help to moisturize my kids’ skin to keep the flare ups at bay.

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Hopefully, this post will also help parents to navigate the world of eczema with their kids.

remdii intensive moisturizing cream

For the past several weeks, we have been using Remdii’s intensive moisturizing cream. They actually have two types of creams:

Remdii Sensitive: Daily intensive Moisturizing Cream; and

Remdii Ultra Sensitive: Daily Advance Intensive Barrier Cream

I will explain the benefits of Remdi below.

Benefits of Remdii Intensive Moisturizing Cream

Not sticky

One of the great things I like about Remdii creams is that they are not sticky. Many emollients are sticky, and it can really make some people, especially kids feel very uncomfortable. My daughter would often complain when we lather a certain emollient on her skin because it would stick to her clothes.

Absorbs quickly

Another benefit of Remdii is that it absorbs quickly into the skin. However, for best results, you should apply the cream rights after you take a shower when the skin is damp. They put this in the instructions which I think is really helpful especially for parents who have kids with eczema.

Repairs skin from within

There are many lotions out there that claim that they can moisturize the skin. Although it may be true, a really good cream or lotion for those who have dry skin is the ability to repair the skin from within. Remdii functions as a “breathable umbrella” on the skin that not just repairs the skin, but retain moisture within the skin by reducing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

Can be used on broken skin

The great thing about Remdii creams (Remdii sensitive and ultra-sensitive) is that they can be applied on broken skin without inflicting pain. Some creams that have a cooling effect might be so powerful that they can make kids cry. I have tried both creams on my kids and thankfully, they don’t cry.

remdii intensive moisturizer cream

HowRemdii Intensive Moisturizing Cream is Different

Suitable for all parts of the body and including the face

Another plus point about Remdii creams is that they are gentle enough to be applied on the body and the face. Not all creams or lotions are appropriate to be applied on the face. So, if you are buying creams, you will really need to check their labels and instructions to see if they can be applied to other parts of the body.

Suitable for Asian weather

As a mom who has eczema and two kids with eczema, I can attest that not all lotions or creams will make you feel comfortable. Some may feel like the cream or lotion is “melting” due to the hot weather. Remdii creams, however, are suitable in Asian weather because it absorbs quickly and does not leave any residue.

Contains natural ingredients

For those who have sensitive or even sensitive skin, you cannot use lotions or creams that have any fragrance.

The Remdii intensive moisturizing cream has stabilized natural vitamin E and contains aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate which makes it very moisturizing. The Remdii ultra-sensitive cream has natural oils and skin-mimic ceramides that help to gently cool the skin without stinging. In this, it also has stabilized vitamin E, shea butter and argan oil.

When should you apply Remdii intensive moisturizing cream?

The best time to apply the Remdii cream is after a shower or a bath when the skin is damp. This allows the cream to be absorbed into the skin faster.

Our journey fighting our kids’ eczema

Both of my kids have eczema. One of them has pretty severe eczema. After doing a blood test, we found out that she is allergic to dust mites.

The funny thing is, she only started having flares when she almost turned 5. Before that, her skin was fine. She had no problems with her skin with the exceptional dry patches here and there.

Once her skin turned severe, we had to bring her to the specialist. We went to several specialists and the last one had to prescribe her stronger medication to stop the flares.

Together with the medication, the doctor gave and the application of the right ointments and cream, her skin began to improve. Once her broken skin started to clear, we continued doing wet wrap therapy at night before she sleeps to ensure her skin is moisturized.  

She currently is not consuming oral steroids as her skin has improved significantly. However, the dermatologist did caution that eczema is like a cycle – there are ups and downs. Every day, we will need to use the same moisturizer, the same bath oil or bath gel. Nothing with fragrances.

As a mom who has eczema and kids with eczema, I would highly recommend using Remdii intensive moisturizing creams. The benefits of Remdii creams such as fast absorption, non-sticky and the fact that it does not sting can be used for all age groups with sensitive skin including kids.  

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